Protecting Your Heavy Equipment From Corrosion

One of the benefits of renting construction equipment from a company like NC Equipment Ltd is that you do not have to maintain it. Once you are done using the equipment, you can return it. However, you might still want to prevent corrosion or you might be charged a fee after returning the equipment if the wear and tear is excessive.

Heavy Equipment Can Suffer from Corrosion

The most common materials that suffer from corrosion are metals, but there are also other materials that suffer from this. One way a construction machine can corrode is when one part of the construction equipment, made from a specific metal, comes in contact with another metal while covered in a common electrolyte. Some bacteria can also contribute to corrosion. For example, sulfur-reducing bacteria are found under conditions where there is no oxygen and will create hydrogen sulfide, which contributes to corrosion.

Batteries Corrode Along with Metal

Battery corrosion is another type that you will need to worry about with heavy equipment rentals. The sulfuric acid that reacts with the metal posts will cause the battery to corrode. One way to prevent this is to exercise the battery by using it regularly. If you allow the battery to sit, you will shorten its lifespan.

Cleaning the Heavy Equipment Prevents Corrosion

One of the best ways to prevent corrosion on your heavy construction equipment is to clean the equipment. This should be done before the heavy equipment is placed in storage. Also, cleaning the dirt off of the heavy equipment is a great opportunity to check for damage, since the signs of damage will not be covered. Pressure washers make it a lot easier to clean heavy equipment. 

Anti-Rust Spray Prevents Corrosion

If you are going to keep the heavy equipment for a long time, you might want to get anti-rust spray. Spray the exposed metal and the anti-rust elements will slow down the rust. While you will have to pay for the anti-rust spray, this will be less expensive than fees you might be charged if your heavy equipment is badly damaged.

Pneumatic Tools are Prone to Corrosion

Pneumatic tools especially have problems with corrosion because the environment in the air line is prone to condensation. The internal tools must be coated with a lubricator such as air tool oil. Not only will the oil prevent corrosion, but it will also displace the moisture. With these preventative measures, you'll be able to return your heavy equipment without having to pay for as many repairs.