Build An Amazing Play House For Your Children

When you are raising your children, one of the greatest things you can do for them is to make your own home a place where they want to be, a place where friends can come over for play dates. While toys are important, you can provide something truly special for your kids by building a play house for them right in your own backyard.

Think Big - If you're going to be doing this anyway, you might as well go all-out and build something that will amaze your kids.

  • Go two-story! A two-story mini edifice will take up the same amount of space as a one-story one, and it will give your children more play space. Consider the downstairs to be a little living room-dining room combination, with one wall for a play refrigerator and stove. The upstairs can be a little bedroom for small furniture and doll beds. An upstairs balcony would be adorable, too.
  • Consider copying some of the features on your own home. For example, choose the same brick that is on your house, and use the same color of paint on little shutters. A fundamental concept for you to remember is that a play house should be built with the same fundamental features as a real house. The foundation should be strong. Studs, doors, and other materials that are used should be of a good quality so that they'll last for many years. Make it kid-safe, too.
  • Even though you won't need plumbing, consider adding electricity so the children can have heat during the cold winter months and so you can install a small window air conditioner for hot days. Also, this will mean that the kids will have light in the evening hours which just gives them more play time.

The Materials - You can get most of your supplies from a lumber store or a store like The Cedar Shop Building Materials.

  • Besides the brick, you'll need windows that open for ventilation.
  • Hardy plank, which is concrete based, will be a good choice for siding because it won't deteriorate. You don't need to insulate the house.
  • Pick flooring that will be tough and easy to maintain.
  • Use screws rather than nails for added strength.
  • Buy paint, adding a second color for decorative touches like stenciling. Consider wallpaper for the inside.
  • A darling touch is to buy brass numerals to give the house an address, and outdoor brass lighting.
  • Don't forget to add a little mailbox so you can leave love notes for the kids. A decorative bird house would be darling, too.

Congratulations on building a fabulous play house for your children.