4 Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

When it comes to keeping your home looking as attractive as possible, this may require some updates from time-to-time to your bath space. Making small changes in your bathroom can really add up, and large ones will have an immediate impact on your home. Knowing other ways to renovate your bathroom without a lot of money or work may motivate you to get started.

Add a pedestal sink

Simply changing the sink in your home can drastically alter the appearance of this space. One way to do this is by using a pedestal sink. This sink offers a wide bowl and sits on a long pedestal. Many people enjoy this type of sink because of the extra space it provides in the bathroom when being used because it is generally small and will allow room for other things.

The average cost of this type of sink is $50-$250 based on the brand and style that you select to use when renovating your bathroom.

Update the cabinets

One way to alter the look of your bathroom is by updating the cabinets. Some of the older homes may have wooden cabinets installed, but these may not be as effective in keeping your items stored in plastic cabinets. These help keep your toiletry items remain fresh and in good condition, despite the conditions in the bathroom.

Replace hardware fixtures

One of the least expensive ways to change the immediate appearance of your bathroom is by replacing the hardware in the bathroom. This can include replacing the knobs on the cabinets, as well as the fixtures in the bathroom.

A change as simple as changing from silver to bronze may make a huge difference in this small space.

Add a claw foot tub

If you like a Victorian look, you may want to consider adding a claw foot tub. This offers a unique appearance in any bathroom and is usable, as well.

You can take a long soak in the tub once you get finished with your bathroom project. The claw foot tub may be the envy of your visitors because of the beauty it offers and the usability of it, as well.

Finally, making your bathroom attractive and usable can be done by employing the right ideas to make it happen. The key to your success may involve hiring a professional contractor, like M L W Contracting Ltd Edmonton, who knows precisely what to do and will get the bathroom renovation completed for you accurately.