Two Tips To Get The Most From Your Commercial Roof

Managing a business is a highly complex and difficult task, and many business owners pay little attention to their building's roof. However, the roof is arguably one of the most important components of the building, and it is important to get the most from this large surface. Luckily, there are two upgrades that may be able to provide your business with significant savings on monthly bills. 

Install Rain Capturing Systems

It is not uncommon for businesses to have lavish landscaping around the building. While this can create a beautiful and inviting setting for customers, it can also require a shocking amount of water to keep the plants healthy. However, rain capturing systems can be the perfect way of keeping your landscaping beautiful without having to pay monstrous water bills. 

These systems work by capturing the runoff from your roof and storing it in large tanks. Interestingly, you can often attach small pumps to these tanks to pressurise the water coming out, and this can make it a practical way to use stored rainwater to water your plants during periods of drought. For those worried about ruining the appearance of their business with visible storage tanks, it is usually possible to bury these tanks. 

Retrofit With Solar Shingles

In addition to using large amounts of water on landscaping, many businesses often use far more electricity than residential properties. This stems from their larger sizes, and the fact that there are often many electronics and electrical devices in use simultaneously. As a result, a commercial building can quickly amass staggering electrical costs. 

This drain of profits can be mitigated through the use of solar shingles. These shingles capture the energy from the sun, and they do so without being very noticeable. In contrast to large solar panels, solar shingles look almost exactly like conventional shingles. By upgrading to these shingles, you can dramatically lower your power bills without reducing efficiency or comfort, and for those worried about costs, there are many rebate programs and tax incentives available to offset the costs of this upgrade. 

Many business owners fail to realize that their roof can be used to offset many of the utility costs the enterprise accrues over the course of a month. By understanding that you can capture rainwater to reduce landscaping costs and install solar shingles to reduce electric bills, you can help ensure that your business is getting the most from its roof. For more information, contact a commercial roofing company.