Tips For Adding A Master Suite To Your Home

Perhaps you've sleepily bumped into a corner for the last time, and you've decided it's time to upgrade your bedroom. In fact, you're ready for a full master suite, complete with connected bathroom and enough closet for all your clothes. Plan a master suite addition that complements your lifestyle.

Planning Stage

Before even contacting remodeling contractors, think about what you want in your master suite. List out the problems you want solved, and your ideas for solutions. For instance, if part of the problem is a cramped closet, don't be afraid to imagine a space that includes a dressing room. Conversely be open to new ideas. Such a big closet may not be feasible, but builders might suggest an organization system that frees up a lot of real estate.

Bedroom Tips

Whether you're expanding the existing bedroom space or having an addition built, the bedroom is the focal point of the remodel job. As you consider your options for this space, keep the following in mind:

  • Mind the scale: Your closet should be smaller than your bathroom, which should be smaller than your bedroom. Start with the bedroom dimensions, keeping them in a pleasing ratio to the rest of the house.
  • Sketch the furniture arrangement: Better Homes and Gardens suggests sketching in your furniture to see exactly how much space you need. Use graph paper, and keep your sketch to scale for exact dimensions.
  • Consider a bump out: A bump out, such as a set of bay windows, is an efficient way to add the illusion of space. The bump out can become a small reading area or lounging nook.

Bathroom Layout

As you design the remodel, plan to give the bathroom at least one exterior wall with a window. A window has practical purposes – opening to air the space out. However, design-wise, it also allows the sun to stream in. If you're including a soaking tub or spa in your remodel plans, place it in front of the window. In fact, such an area is another prime spot for a bump out.

Likewise, no matter how big a closet you're planning, include ample storage space in your bathroom design. Toiletries, towels, toilet paper – a lot goes into the bathroom that should be handy. Consider adding drawers or shelves to the vanity or even including a full linen closet in the layout.

Master Closet

Ah, the closet – your desire for more space likely started here. If space allows, plan for a walk-in closet large enough to include a dressing area. If that doesn't fit into the plans, consider flanking closets, meaning closets facing each other across a small hallway. This plan is ideal for his and her closet space.  Regardless of the layout, have the storage features, such as shelves and nook, built right in. You'd be amazed at how space defined storage frees up.

A master suite has the potential to affect your sleeping and morning routines—important parts of your day, in other words. Plan a master suite that's both pleasing and comfortable for your home remodel project. Talk to places like Bonvanie Construction Ltd for more information.