Sustainable Building Practices For Your Home - Recycled Denim Insulation

If you are looking for a high-quality insulation product for your home, then you should consider recycled denim insulation. Recycled denim insulation is wonderful for use in homes, and it comes with the bonus of being a sustainable product. Recycling keeps unwanted textiles from landfills. Additionally, textile insulation products are safe and easy to install yourself.

Recycled Denim Insulation Basics

Recycled denim residential building insulation is made of shredded, discarded textile products. The unwanted textiles are shredded by large machines and then pressed into rolls. The rolls are perforated and easy to work with.

Since this type of insulation is made from textile fibers, the material is completely safe for use in your home. There are no chemicals and no volatile organic compound (VOC) issues with this type of insulation.

Advantages of Recycled Denim Insulation

There are a wide variety of advantages to using recycled denim insulation over traditional fiberglass insulation, including:

  • superior sound absorption
  • excellent thermal performance
  • no chemicals or VOC

In addition, recycled denim insulation greatly reduces the run-time for your home's HVAC systems. This reduction will save you a lot of money on your power bills.

Installation of Recycled Denim Insulation

Recycled denim insulation is simple to install. It can be used in:

  • ceilings
  • crawlspaces
  • floors
  • walls

Additionally, recycled denim insulation can be used in attic spaces. In fact, you can layer the insulation for additional insulating properties. For this application, the insulation should be layered in alternate directions for maximum coverage. The initial layer should be installed between the joists, with the second layer perpendicular to the joists.

If you are installing the insulation in walls, then it is designed for a friction fit. This means that the insulation is slightly larger than the gap between wall studs. To install the insulation you simply push it back between the studs. The contact between the studs and the insulation will hold it in place. You can then install your vapor barrier directly onto the insulation.

For flooring installations, you will need to hold the insulation in place using a mesh or wire support so that the insulation doesn't come loose over time and fall from between the flooring joists. 


By installing recycled denim insulation in your home, you are getting many advantages and helping the earth at the same time. If you need more information on home insulation products and their installation, then you should contact a building contractor in your local area for assistance and to read more about this topic.