Three Options For Rental Toilets To Replace The Standard Portable Potty

When you think of rental toilets, you may picture a smelly portable toilet that you find at certain public events. This is a common misconception of toilet rentals; there are many upscale options that you can choose from for even the fanciest events you wish to host. This is a guide to high quality rental toilets and relevant accessories.


Trailer toilet rentals are a great option if you can afford the extra charge. The trailers are quite large, so you may want to double check to see that you have the space needed for them before committing to the rental. A restroom trailer typically has three to four toilets. The trailers are available in many types of models. Some will feature multiple doors on the outside that allow you to enter a small single toilet. Other designs have one door that opens into a restroom that you would find inside a public place, with multiple toilets inside the same room that are separated by stalls. These options also have sinks so you can wash your hands.

Deluxe Portable

A deluxe portable toilet is a higher quality design than a typical portable toilet. These designs feature more room on the inside, a running sink, and a hand sanitizer. They are a little easier on the budget than the restroom trailers and small enough to place almost anywhere. It is also easier to remove and place the deluxe portable toilets when compared to some of the more cumbersome options.


One issue that most people have with the portable toilets is the smell. This is due to the fact that the human waste just sits in the portable toilet until it is emptied. If you want the size and cost of a small portable toilet without the smell factor, you can rent a flushing rental toilet. Instead of the normal holding tank, the flushing toilet contains a hidden tank. The flush is activated by a small pedal located near your feet. If you are seeking a more hygiene-friendly option, this is the one for you.


Some events will last a few days and may need additional rentals to make guests more comfortable. One popular option is a rental shower. The showers are set up in trailers just like the restrooms. You should also consider a hand sanitation rental. This is basically a giant sink that you can use to wash your hands. It is also equipped with a hand sanitizer for additional protection against germs.

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