Add Some Glamor to Your Basement by Painting Your Basement Windows

If you are someone who enjoys having your privacy, having windows that show directly into your basement may not be overly appealing to you. You can use curtains or blinds on the windows to obstruct someone's view, but finding the right size can often be quite difficult. If you want to keep your privacy and still allow sunlight to shine into the windows, consider painting them to create a beautiful piece of art and the privacy you want at the same time. Here's how to paint your basement windows to look like works of art.

Choose the Look You Want

The first thing you need to do is choose what design you want to paint on the windows. You can look online for inspiration or go to a bookstore and find books filled with artwork that you find to be inspiring or decorative. Be sure that the works you choose will fit well on the spaces you have available on the windows.

Clean the Windows

In order to properly paint the windows, the surface needs to be as clean as possible for the paint to stick well to the glass. Clean both the inside and outside of the glass with window cleaner. You will be painting the inner side of the glass so you need to clean that side with rubbing alcohol after you have cleaned it with the glass cleaner. It will remove any residue that may be left behind after you wash the windows.

Start Your Outline

Use painter's tape to tape the image you want to paint on the outer edge of the window. You want to be able to see the image through the glass so that you can use a fine paintbrush and black acrylic paint to outline it. Use thin coats of paint so that you do not have to worry about it dripping down the glass. Allow the outline to dry for two to three hours.

Finish the Image

Use different colors of acrylic paint to apply paint to the image to create a finished look. You can blend colors together to give the images more depth and could even add glitter to some of the paint if you want the work to sparkle when the sunlight projects through it. Allow the paint to dry overnight before you attempt to open the windows.

Once you have finished painting, you can remove the paper from the outer side of the window right away. When you see the sunlight shine through the artwork for the first time you may be amazed by how great it looks. The windows will now serve as works of art that you will be proud to show off to people who visit your home. For assistance, cleaning the windows, talk to a professional like A-1 Concrete Cutting & Coring Ltd.