Three Tips For Using A Grill On A Vinyl Deck

A new deck is the perfect place for summer entertaining and grilling, but some people are nervous about using a grill on a vinyl deck. There's no need to worry – you can enjoy a low maintenance and durable vinyl deck, while still enjoying all the fun and satisfaction of cooking over an open flame.

Grill Placement

The main concern with vinyl decks and grills is heat damage to the vinyl. The heat from the grill won't damage the deck itself, but it can cause heat damage to the deck rails. Play it safe and keep the grill several feet from the rail. If you look in the owner's manual for your grill, it should have a guideline for the safe distance between the grill and a vinyl-sided home. Use this guideline when deciding how close to the railings to place the grill.

Surface Protectors

Gas grills pose little danger to the decking boards. Charcoal grills are also usually safe, although a stray coal could realistically fall from the grill and cause deck damage. There's also another form of overlooked damage that can occur with either grill – grease spills and stains.

You can avoid these problems by using a grill mat. These thick mats are available where grills are sold, and they protect your deck from grease, food spills, and errant coals. Just remember to remove the mat and sweep under it periodically. Also, put the mat away during wet weather, otherwise moisture may become trapped beneath it. This can lead to mildew growth on the vinyl boards.

Keep It Clean

Even with proper preparations, accidents may happen and a grease stain can occur. The trick to getting rid of the grease is to clean it up quickly. If it's left on the deck, the sun can bake it into the vinyl decking boards and make the discoloration impossible to remove.

To clean up the grease, begin with a scrubbing with a medium-bristle brush and hot, soapy water. Don't use steel wool or other harsh abrasives that could scratch the vinyl boards. If the grease remains after this general cleaning, clean a second time with general purpose degreaser agent or a liquid dish soap that contains a degreaser.

Your vinyl deck won't require much more maintenance than the occasional sweeping, even if you use it for grilling and summer dining. This means you can enjoy more time outside entertaining, and less time taking care of your deck.

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