How To Save Money On Paving A Driveway

As with any home upgrade, paving a new driveway can be a costly endeavor.  A few helpful tips can help you save some money and still get the great-looking driveway you want.  For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Island Asphalt Co.

Consider Your Material

One way to save money on your driveway is on the material laid.  You can opt to lay gravel for your driveway, which is a cheaper option.  Most people like the look of asphalt or concrete better, however.  You can still save money on these options as well.

The raw materials that compose your concrete can vary, and you may want to look into the cheapest raw materials for your geographic area.  Also, often the option is available for a mix of asphalt and concrete. 

Prepare Your Own Space

The costs involved in paving a driveway include the labor for preparing the area.  You can save money by doing this step before calling in the experts.  First sketch a plan of the driveway you are planning.  Then make sure you check for any utility lines that may run through the space.  Finally, before you begin check with your zoning board to see if you need any permits.

Make sure to remove any grass, weeds, or other debris from the area.  Dig a foundation, at least 4 inches deep.  You can check with your paving company to see exactly the depth they would recommend.  Wood forms will then need to be put in place around the foundation, to keep the asphalt or concrete in place when it's poured.  When you lay down the wood pieces, be sure to oil them as well, so they can be removed later.

If you are using asphalt for your driveway, you'll need to put down a layer of gravel for the asphalt to be poured over, about 2 to 8 inches deep.

Consider Hiring Students

You may have been to a cosmetology school to get your hair done; this can be done in the case of construction projects as well.  Often you'll find the same results with a student in the field, at a much lower cost.  You can check on this work-study option with local trade schools.  Often they will partner with local corporations to provide this option.

Bartering Options

Bartering is still recognized as a legitimate form of payment by the government and many companies, though it requires a bit more work.  You can find companies online willing to do business by offering a service in return that is equal to the value of materials and labor for the paving.