3 Reasons Why Your Well Isn't Pumping Water

Do you draw your household water from a water well? Has the well suddenly stopped providing water? A well that doesn't work is a frustrating problem. Most of the time, it has a simple solution, such as flipping a tripped circuit breaker or turning the pressure switch. However, if those simple solutions don't resolve the problem, you may need to consider more serious problems. Here are three reasons why your well may not be delivering water and what you can do about them:

The pump isn't deep enough. Water is pushed to your home from the well by a pump that is located at the bottom of the well. To work properly, the pump needs to always be completely submerged in water. If it's not, your pump could start sucking in air, which restricts it's ability to deliver water.

If you're not getting any water, it could be possible that the pump isn't deep enough. After it draws down water to deliver to the home, the pump may no longer be submerged. The solution is to dig your well a little deeper so that the pump stays underneath the water level.

The pump is too small. The other issue is that your pump may not be powerful enough to deliver as much water as you need. You may have plenty of water in the well, but the pump can't push through enough water to meet competing demands. For instance, if you have someone in the shower at the same time you're trying to run the washing machine, the pump may only be able to provide enough water for one of those needs.

Think about whether your water needs have changed recently. Do you have more people staying in your home? Are you using water to hydrate plants or your lawn? If so and if these changes may be permanent, you may want to look into a larger pump.

The well is caving in. This could be the most serious problem you might face. It's possible that your well walls are under pressure from shifting soil or rising water surrounding the well. Or the well walls could have developed a crack that has grown larger. Rocks and soil could then fall into the well, restricting the well's ability to capture and accumulate water. If this is the case, then you may need to have the well repaired or consider moving the well to a new location.

For more information, contact a local water well drilling company such as Field Drilling Contractors Ltd. They can inspect your well and advise you on how to resolve the problem.