3 Tips For Leasing The Right Picker Truck For Your Equipment Removal

Do you have a large piece of industrial equipment that needs to be removed from your facility? Are you looking to lease a picker truck to get it off your property? While there are a number of ways to move heavy industrial machines, a picker truck is usually one of the most efficient and effective. The picker truck has a flat bed along with a boom with a hook on the end. An operator moves the boom down to the equipment and then uses the hook to lift the equipment onto the bed. In many cases, a picker truck can have even the heaviest equipment loaded in a matter of minutes. Not all picker trucks are the same, though. Here are a few tips on leasing the right one.

Weight versus reach. Generally, the longer the boom is on a truck, the lower its weight-lifting capacity. The reason is simple. The greater the distance between the truck's center of gravity and the equipment's center of gravity, the less stable the truck becomes. Before leasing your truck, take a look around your equipment and determine just how close the truck can get. The more room you can clear out around the truck, the better off you'll be.

Ideally, you want to get the shortest boom possible, as that will have the greatest lifting capacity and it will likely be less expensive to lease. See how close the truck can get to the equipment and then use that as your guide when selecting the truck..

Bed space. You'll also need to make sure the bed has enough room to carry the piece of equipment in question and all other accessories and pieces of debris that need to go with the machinery. One of the things that can impact this is where the boom is mounted. It's usually mounted right behind the truck cabin, which is generally the best spot for maximizing bed space. However, on some trucks, the boom will be on the back of the bed. That may reduce the need for a longer boom, but it also reduces the available space in the bed for machinery storage. Know just how much space you'll need before you get the truck onsite.

Single vs. Tandem Axle. You'll want to know the weight of the equipment so you can decide on whether you need a single or tandem axle truck. A tandem axle truck will provide more stability to the truck, increasing its lifting and storage capacity. However, tandem axle picker trucks also have considerable weight, especially once your machinery is loaded onto the truck. That could be an issue if the truck will be sitting on a soft, fragile surface that can't support that much weight. Also, a tandem truck will usually cost more to lease than a single axle.

For more information, contact a hauling company like Hitch'Em Oilfield Hauling that will move the equipment for you. They'll help you decide which type of picker truck to use and they'll likely come out and operate the truck for you. That way, you can let them do the work and you can focus on what you do best.