Update The Look Of A Concrete Retaining Wall With Stain

If your yard has a concrete retaining wall that you hate the look of, then you should stain it with some readily available and inexpensive concrete stain. Concrete stains come in a wide variety of different colors and can give your retaining wall a completely different appearance. You can use a darker colored stain to blend the wall into the surrounding landscaping, or you can use a lighter color to make the wall pop and become a focal point for your garden area.

Here is the procedure you should use to stain your yard's retaining wall:

Scrub the Concrete Wall Clean

Before you attempt to stain the retaining wall, first you need to clean off all of its accumulated dirt and grime. The best way to clean the wall is to remove any overgrown vegetation from its base and then brush off the wall using a stiff broom or brush.

Once you have the majority of the dirt removed from the wall's surface, hose down the wall with your garden hose or a pressure washer set on a low setting. Never use a pressure washer set on a higher setting because it will cause pits to form in the surface of the concrete.

Use a Large Sponge and Apply the Concrete Stain

Once the retaining wall has completely dried in the sun, then you should apply an acid-based concrete stain according to the manufacturer's instructions. The best thing to use to apply concrete stain on a vertical surface is either a very soft paintbrush or a large sponge. The sponges made to wash your car work very well for applying the concrete stain. 

Dip your sponge or paintbrush into the stain and brush or rub it into the concrete's surface. You should work from the top of the wall downward to avoid drips.

Apply a Concrete Sealant to the Retaining Wall

Finally, you must apply a quality sealant on top of your concrete retaining wall. Since the acid stain used to update the look of the retaining wall damages the very top layer of concrete in order to penetrate it with its coloration, the entire retaining wall needs to be sealed to prevent damage from:

  • the weather
  • pet urine
  • abrasion from garden tools

Purchase a concrete sealant made of epoxy or polyurethane because this type of sealant will last a long time in contact with the elements. Apply the sealant using a soft brush and follow the directions on the can to achieve the best results during the curing process.

For more information, contact Sieben Cement Contractors Ltd. or a similar company.