Three Reasons Why Hot Shot Services Are Better Than Traditional Mail

As a company executive in a higher position with your company, you probably have a lot of stuff you need to ship or receive. While traditional mail does a reasonably good job with most of the shipping tasks you do, there is still a lot of things that traditional mail cannot do. That is when you need "hot shot" services to get some things done correctly. Here are three reasons why hot shot services are better than traditional mail.

Hot Shot Services Are Consistently on Time

Unlike traditional mail, hot shot services are consistently on time. You can request the timely pickup of a package and even request a time to have the package delivered. The company that provides this service will provide you with a tracking number so you can see the progression of the package's movement once it has been picked up from your home or office. Most of the shipping companies that offer this service also offer a guarantee of timely delivery, which means that you may be entitled to a refund if the package does not arrive at the exact time you requested it to arrive at its destination (but that rarely ever happens).

Hot Shot Services Put in Extra Time and Ship Last Minute Packages Overnight

Traditional mail delivery persons generally finish their work between 5-7pm, depending on various delays during their shifts. Then they go home until the next morning. They are not likely to mail packages for you in the middle of the night, or pick up deliveries of various items and bring them to you at three in the morning. However, hot shot services work for you whenever you want or need them to. The whole point to these services is to provide customers like yourself with shipping and delivery services outside the standard hours of most other shipping companies.

Hot Shot Services Can Print, Collate, Package and Deliver Not Matter the Time of Day

In addition to shipping and delivery services, some hot shot services can print, collate, package and deliver documents you send to them online. If you have been working with your shoulder to the grindstone to produce white papers and charts for a big meeting but cannot get them printed and ready for the following morning, a hot shot service that offers these services can be a big help. You could even have the printed/collated/packaged items shipped directly to your meeting room the following morning right before the meeting. 

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